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Better Science. Better Skin.

Meet b-silk™ protein: an innovative ingredient that forms a protective barrier, providing immediate hydration and long-term firming.

It’s not magic, it’s science.

The Innovation

Our Chief Scientific Officer Lindsay Wray, PhD is a biomedical engineer and a lifelong skincare enthusiast. She and her team are devoted to changing the industry one ingredient at a time.
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Inspired by the natural qualities of silk, designed by scientists.

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B-Silk™ Protein
Revitalizing Hydrogel Moisturizer
This gel delivers an immediate hydration boost, absorbs quickly and locks in moisture.
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B-Silk™ Protein
Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream
A cushiony, smooth cream that melts in for an incredibly soft feel and radiant appearance.
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What is b-silk™ protein?

An innovative high molecular weight structural protein that complements the vital functions of your skin and reinforces its extracellular matrix (aka collagen and elastin).
Improves skin firmness and elasticity.
Enhances skin texture and smoothness.
Improves overall radiance and luminosity.
We Always:
Employ the scientific method, delivering tangible benefits while honoring our commitment to making the cleanest, safest ingredients possible.
We Never:
Create formulations we wouldn't feel good about using ourselves, make products without undergoing rigorous research, or test our products on animals.
You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.
How do I know your products are safe?
In addition to running all FDA-recommended tests using the latest technology, we consider the risk profile of every ingredient to minimize potential for any negative impact or irritation.
What is a structural protein?
Structural proteins, like collagen and elastin, are a natural component of your skin’s extracellular matrix. They work like a scaffolding, providing strength and elasticity to your skin.
What will your products do for my skin?
Our key ingredient, b-silk™ protein, is shown to improve skin elasticity, smoothness, and luminosity. Clinical trial participants saw immediate results as well as long-term, continuous benefits.
Our Promise

We are devoted to continuous scientific innovation.

We are a team of dedicated scientists that balance our creative passions with our quest for knowledge. We produce results because we believe that better science equals better skin.
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